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HINODE SHOTENGAI 日の出商店街 also known as Rising Sun Shopping Avenue, has been a part of Japanese culture. The locals love it and foreigners find it interesting.

HINODE SHOTENGAI 日の出商店街 is our retail brand and proffers reputable products and brands from Japan. We bring to you food ingredients from extensive regions of Japan. Award-winning products, products using no pesticide, no chemical fertilizer farming, as well as ASIAGAP (Good Agricultual Practice) certified and organic-certified are available. You will find ingredients essential for the cooking of a WASHOKU (Traditional Japanese Meal), yet versatile for international cuisine.

HINODE SHOTENGAI 日の出商店街 also bring to you health and wellness, as well as lifestyle products suitable for all generations.

Thank you for your support over the years. Now you can buy in more channels and retail formats. Enjoy shopping with us!

You can shop for our products via these channels below.

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For bulk or other purchase methods, please contact us.

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