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Hinode Global Japan serves B2B and B2C segments.  Our thematic events outside Japan have been successful, and our international customers request for us to make our products available regularly.  Hence the webstore under our Hinode Shotengai brand starts.

Why Hinode Shotengai?

Hinode Shotengai 日の出商店街, is translated as Rising Sun Shopping Street in English.  Shotengai has been a part of a Japanese culture.  The locals love it and foreigners find it interesting.


In this webstore, you will find established brands and authentic products, handpicked exclusively for you. There is no middleman in the supply chain, and you get the best deals possible for Japanese premium products.


You will see our customers’ favorites, including Kitpas, premium ingredients from prefectures of Japan, Japan-origin beauty and wellness products.  Awards-winning products, and products using no-pesticide, no-chemical fertilizer farming, as well as ASIAGA (Good Agricultural Practice) certified and organic-certified are available.  From time to time, you will also see gifts from seasonal harvests.

Meet our Farmers

Japan’s #1 Kujo Negi Producer, Kyoto Japan

Jack Bean Organic Cultivation, Tamba Hyogo Japan

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Japanese Tea Plantation, Shimane Japan

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Japanese Ginger Farm, Kochi Japan

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