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In early 2019, Sutamago was featured in Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS), in THE TAIKOBAN program.  Amongst a panel of 300 Medical Doctors, vinegar was chosen as the BEST 5 Healthiest Ingredient in Japanese food diets.  Sutamago is introduced as the best way of taking vinegar effectively and regularly in the busy and stress-filled modern lifestyle.

On top of that, Sutamago is not just any usual vinegar!  Explore the secrets…

What makes it so special?

  • This is not your usual vinegar drink! Whole fertilized eggs are melted with shells into the vinegar mix (made of Moribun’s signature HIUZOU Rice Vinegar with addition of mineral-rich Papaya Vinegar). We only use eggs produced in the free-range chicken farm in Ehime, Japan.
  • Eggshell calcium-rich drink. Well-balanced essential amino acids. Eggshell calcium becomes more absorbable once it is melted into vinegar, and taken with lots of Vitamin C.
  • High Vitamin C. Contains locally grown Acerola and Yuzu juice. A 150ml glass of diluted Sutamago contains Vitamin C equivalent to approximately eight lemons.
  • Prebiotic Health Benefits. Contains galacto-oligosaccharides, known to enhance gut health, aid digestion and improve immunity.
  • Use 100% Natural Ehime mineral Water, ceramic-filtered (soft).
  • No worry for excessive sugar intake. Only pure honey and frutose is used to reduce the sourness of the vinegar.
  • Fresh Royal Jelly is added to essential amino-acids and decenoic acid. 
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Suitable for:

  • People with unbalanced diet or stressful lifestyle.
  • People with insufficient intake of calcium, essential minerals, or Vitamin C.
  • People with concerns of blood sugar level, cholesterol level and hypertension.
  • Heavy smokers.
  • Active athletes.
  • Pregnant ladies or ladies who want total beauty and wellness.
  • Elderly with concerns of bone strength and dementia. 
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