• Fresh and delicious freeze-dried milk containing the deliciousness of Hokkaido, Japan (2.0kg x 5 packs)

• “Are you being made to buy liquid milk with a long shelf life at grocery stores or milk that is not fresh?” Do you know that fresh milk from Hokkaido, Japan, can be easily obtained anywhere, anytime, even in times of emergency, all around the world? Surprisingly, it can be kept for a year before expiring! It is lightweight and can be kept for a long period of time at room temperature, so other than storing it at home, you can also easily bring it with you outdoors, to your office, on trips, business trips, and outings, and even during times of emergency, and you can also use it in cooking. Milk in powder form is made by freeze-drying the deliciousness and freshness of fresh milk from Hokkaido using Japan’s finest technology, so it is not inferior to any brand of milk. How about starting “First in Japan! Hokkaido Freeze-Dried Milk” that is highly praised by many Japanese people as well?

• ■The five strengths of Hokkaido Freeze-Dried Milk■
①Its shelf life is one year!
②As it should be stored at room temperature, a refrigerator is unnecessary!
③As it is a powder and does not contain water, its weight is 1/10th that of liquid milk!
④You can adjust the concentration according to your preference!
⑤As it is highly portable, you can taste Hokkaido milk anytime, anywhere!

• Hokkaido Freeze-Dried Milk is a freeze-dried milk made with 200% fresh raw milk procured from carefully selected farms in Hokkaido. Thus, one can taste a “fresh milkiness” and “ultimate flavor” that was not present in existing milk powders.

• Milk is frozen at -35℃ at our partner factories in Hokkaido and the water content is dried in a vacuum. Existing whole milk powders are quickly dried at high temperatures, so the original flavor of milk is lost, but as our company slowly makes the water sublimate at a low temperature, the milk retains its original deliciousness and flavor when returned to its liquid form, which is a distinctive trait of this product. Carefully dried and manufactured using a special machine that we have patented, this freeze-dried milk becomes a milk that is fresher and more flavorful than milk bought at grocery stores just by dissolving it in hot water. As you can prepare just the amount needed without having to worry about it expiring and having to throw it away like milk bought at a grocery store, it has a product design that is conscious of “SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals) in which there is no food loss.

• It is also easy to use. Other than dissolving it in hot water and drinking it as fresh milk, you can freely control the amount of water, so you can make it into a milk of your preferred concentration. Other than that, you can use it as milk in coffee and café lattes, as well as top ice cream with it for a denser flavor. The powder is very white and fluffy, so it is also perfect for cooking and desserts as well as for decorating sweets, making it usable for a wide range of purposes.

・If drinking as milk
 Dissolve 20g of freeze-dried milk in 130cc of hot water (60〜80℃) to make a cup of milk.
・To make milk soup
 Add 20g of freeze-dried milk and ½ a teaspoon of consommé to 130ml of hot water to make delicious milk soup.
・If using as milk in coffee, tea, and so on
 Dissolve a small amount in hot water and make it into a cream before using it.

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