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NATURAL NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE: Antioxidant, rich in vitamins, minerals, Alginic Acid, Glutamic Acid and Fucoidan. Fucoidan is known for therapeutic effect, anti-cancerous and immunity booster. Enhance health and wellness with Kombu water/broth.

From Medical Doctor Toshio Akitsu, Japan – Power of Kombu (Kelp) Water:
Power of Kombu (Kelp) water:-
• Minerals-rich beverage
• Prevent infection, heat stroke or dry mouth if used as gargling water
• Add plenty of Umami to dishes
• A natural tester for tasting disorder
• Prebiotic food
• Help reduce blood pressure
• Detoxification
• Buffer blood sugar level
(Translated from “Improve Your Immunity - Kombu Water Recipe Book”, Takahashi International Publisher, Japan)

What is special about our Kombu Pack?
1) 4 FAMOUS TYPES OF PREMIUM QUALITY KOMBU ARE AVAILABLE – Hidaka, Ma, Rausu and Rishiri. You can select and use the suitable one for your taste preference and cuisine.
2) SHREDDED – Unlike the usual ones that you commonly see, our Kombu is shredded and contained in a sachet form. This brings out the natural umami better and faster.
3) CONVENIENT SACHET TYPE – You can make a cup of Kombu Water, a bowl or a pot of Kombu Broth easily and almost anywhere.
4) SHORTER INFUSION TIME – you can create Kombu Water or Kombu Broth using cold or hot brewing method. Either way, you can reduce the time of preparation and cooking with this Shredded Kombu in Sachet.
5) SUITABLE FOR URBAN LIFESTYLE, CITY DWELLERS, EXECUTIVES AND BUSY PARENTS – making natural and healthy broth may be a hassle at times when one is busy, or when you cannot find the ingredients you want. This solves the problem.
7) CREATIVE COOKING – you can use in many ways. Add a little touch of nutrients into your beverage, smoothie, cooking or baking. Enjoy!

A little more information about Kombu Kelp:
• Culinary experts, keen learners and meticulous cooks know the fundamental of making delicious Japanese cuisine with natural umami, centers around the quality of the basic ingredients including kombu (kelp) broth/ soup stock. In fact, we think this apply to not just Japanese cuisine but many other international types of cuisines. This is why Japanese Kombu have gained widespread popularity over the years in international cuisine, from professionals to homecooks.
• Japanese Kombu are mainly harvested in Hokkaido. Depending on the areas where it is harvested, the shape, size, color and taste of each Kombu type vary. Harvesting period differs as well.
• There are mainly 4 types of Kombu Kelps: Hidaka, Ma, Rausu and Rishiri. Each is popular in different regions of Japan and different Japanese cooking. From Tokyo, Osaka to Kyoto, you will see different types of Kombu being popular respectively. Similarly from a simple meal to a high-end Ryotei Restaurant, different types of Kombu are used.
o HIDAKA Kombu – dark colored and soft. Commonly used in Kanto Tokyo region. Suitable for general cooking.
o MA Kombu – light brown, wedge shape. Commonly used in Kasai Osaka region. Suitable for clear soup, hotpot, shabu shabu and steamboat, and dishes which you would like to have a mild light sweetness.
o RAUSU Kombu – wide thin fronds shape. Produce rich flavor and color broth. Suitable for western cuisine, simmer, stew, or rich dishes.
o RISHIRI Kombu – A “Kyoto Specialty” and a basic ingredient for cooking in Kyoto. Widely known as the Best Premium Kombu. Popular for use in high-end Ryotei Restaurants, 湯豆腐Yu-Tofu (Kyoto Hot Soup Beancurd), Tsukemono 漬物and Senmazuke 千枚漬け (Kyoto Pickles).

Product Specification

Product Volume: Retail Pack: 40g (5g x 8 sachets)
Brand/Farm/Factory: NAGAMI
Ingredients: Kelp
Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, zip tight, keep refrigerated and consume soon.
Best Before: As per Package (Year/Month/Date)
Additional Information:RAUSU Kombu – wide thin fronds shape. Produce rich flavor and color broth. Suitable for western cuisine, simmer, stew, or rich dishes. Suggested Way of Making First and Second Dashi: 1) To Make First Kombu Kelp Dashi Water. This is suitable to use for various cooking. Cold Brew: Soak one sachet into 500ml of water. Leave it for one hour. Heat with weak fire. Remove before boiling point. Hot Brew Put one sachet into 500ml of water. Heat with weak fire. Remove before boiling point. 2) To Make Second Kombu Kelp Dashi Water. This is suitable to use for miso soup. Make a second dashi batch by using the same pack that you used for the first dashi batch. Boil with weak fire, turn off the fire, leave for 5 min and remove the pack. Optional: Add Dried Katsuoboshi (Dried Bonito Flake)

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