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Hinode Shotengai brings to you, original high-grade quality Japanese ingredients, natural health food supplement, non-toxic art materials and open-ended toys.
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九州、熊本で育った桑の葉を丹念にお茶に仕上げてあって、苦味が少なく、すっきりとした味わいは、毎日お茶の代わりに飲めて、栄養満点、JGAP 認可の農薬、化学肥料無使用で、小さな子供達にも安心して飲まされます。 (Translation: It (Kumamoto Mulberry Tea) has a very clear taste with no tanginess that you can enjoy drinking every day to hydrate yourself. It is made of quality Mulberry tea leaves farmed in Kumamoto, Kyushu, that contains lots of natural nutrients. Certified as JGAP product, using no artificial fertilizer, it can be served to children with no anxiety.)
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Since 2017
My girl and I extremely love the Kumamoto Mulberry Juice. We really enjoy drinking the mulberry juice in the morning to boost our immune system and cheer up our day as well.. The most important is I trust this powerful juice benefit me.
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Since 2017
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The Dashi tastes really good! It is not salty and does not have strong fish smell. My girl is very particular in taking fish, but she approves this! Haha!!
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Mother of Gwen
Hinode Shotengai is one of my favourite go-to websites when it comes to buying food for my family. I am always assured of the quality of the food products because of the stringent selection process that each supplier and product goes through before being distributed by Hinode. There are no unnecessary additives or preservatives, and the base ingredients are always sourced from established sources and processed carefully.
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Jill Ng
We use Kitpas products with our work with our children for art therapy and social events. The children really enjoy using the crayons as there are many colours and when applied, they are very smooth. One child even started colouring his arms with it during an art therapy session! Most importantly, I feel assured as Kitpas uses non-toxic child friendly ingredients for their art products, especially when they get it all over their hands and face!
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Amanda Chen
Art Therapist
We used Kitpas in our Family Day event at Google. The crayons and water brushes were used for craft activities by children of all ages ranging from two to twelve and were well-loved by all of them! Some comments from children and parents were, “I love how smooth the crayons are!” “The colours are so vibrant!” Some colouring stains got onto the floor and the fact that the crayon colours were washable was such a bonus as it made clean up after the event easy. The event was a success!
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Denise & Sara
Kitpas crayon is such an amazing invention. Its ability to draw on glass and any smooth surface, its water soluble property, which makes it easy to clean, and it being non-toxic, safe for children, are the reasons why it is super fun to draw with. I've created artwork on shopping mall's glass walls and conducted children art workshops with Kitpas, and everyone had so much fun!
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Singapore Artist & Designer

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