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(Translation: It tastes like smoother version of blueberry juice with natural sweetness. It contains lots of Anthocyanin, the powerful anti-oxidant, labeled as one of “Superfoods”, and supports your daily health and lasting beauty.)

九州、熊本で育った桑の葉を丹念にお茶に仕上げてあって、苦味が少なく、すっきりとした味わいは、毎日お茶の代わりに飲めて、栄養満点、JGAP 認可の農薬、化学肥料無使用で、小さな子供達にも安心して飲まされます。

(Translation: It (Kumamoto Mulberry Tea) has a very clear taste with no tanginess that you can enjoy drinking every day to hydrate yourself. It is made of quality Mulberry tea leaves farmed in Kumamoto, Kyushu, that contains lots of natural nutrients. Certified as JGAP product, using no artificial fertilizer, it can be served to children with no anxiety.)

Tomoko, Singapore

(Since 2017)

My girl and I extremely love the Kumamoto Mulberry Juice. We really enjoy drinking the mulberry juice in the morning to boost our immune system and cheer up our day as well.. The most important is I trust this powerful juice benefit me.

Fern, Singapore

(Since 2017)

Kumamoto Mulberry Highlights

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Kumamoto Mulberry Juice,
Premium 100% Natural
(Seasonal Limited) includes gift box

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