Macarons with jam filling⁣ (Plain and beetroot, EGG FREE)⁣



This recipe uses:
Pure Beet Root Powder (Kumamoto)


Macarons shell:
50ml Aquafaba (liquid from chickpea brine from a can, or slow-cooked chickpeas.)⁣
1/2tsp Apple cider vinegar⁣
50g Granulated sugar⁣
70g Almond meal⁣
65g Icing sugar⁣
1tsp Beetroot powder⁣

120g butter⁣
240g icing sugar⁣


Macarons shell:
1 Mix icing sugar and almond meal in a bowl⁣
2. Using a mixer, beat the aquafaba until frothy. Add in apple cider vinegar.⁣
3. Once it turns all froth, add in the sugar and beat further until it turns peak.⁣
4. Add in the beaten aquafaba into the almond mixture in 3 parts and FOLD. *remember to fold gently*. ⁣
(If you are making the beetroot flavor or any other flavor, separate into 2 containers and add the powder and fold gently)⁣
5. Pipe into lined baking pan (i use silicone liner).⁣
6. Wait for 1-2 hrs until the top is dry and slightly firm to touch. Depending on the humidity of the room.⁣
7. Bake at 110 Celcius degree for 50mins. At middle lower rack.⁣
8. Take out and let cool. DO NOT PEEL. Peel only when it is cool down. It should come off perfectly.⁣

1 Pipe the cream around the macarons shell and leaving the middle empty.⁣
2 Pipe the jam in the middle part of the macarons shell.⁣
3 Place another piece of shell on top.⁣

TIPS: Leave it in the fridge for 2 days before eating them. It will be more flavourful that way. It is also good for freezing.⁣

Easy-to-cook for Toddlers & Family ⁣
Recipe In collaboration with: Bake.Cook.Eggfree, she_wan

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