Hinode Moribun Gourmet Soy Sauce (Naturally Brewed Japanese Dashi Shoyu) 360ml

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Enjoy cooking without compromising on taste. Cook up delicious meals every day and easily using this gourmet soy sauce.
• Premium Japanese soy sauce made from quality ingredients
• Contains Japanese dashi (bonito, sardine, shiitake and kelp)
• One Sauce All Rounder Cooking for your daily use
• Versatile. You can cook almost anything from stir fry, soup to stew, marination and roasting
• Made in Japan

Product Specification

Product Volume: 360ml glass bottle
Origin: Ehime Japan
Brand/Farm/Factory: MORIBUN
Ingredients: Soy sauce, sugar, salt, bonito extract, fermented seasoning, yeast extract, dried sardine extract, shiitake mushroom extract, kelp extract, vinegar / ethanol
Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume soon.
Best Before: As per Package (Year/Month/Date)
Additional Information: Moribun Brewery is one the most acclaimed Brewery Houses in Japan. From generation to generation, Moribun still keeps to the proven brewing heritage.

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