Traditional Japanese Condiments

The essence of Traditional Japanese Cuisine 和食 is in the use of basic condiments such as 味噌 Miso (soybean paste), 酱油 Shoyu (soy sauce), 醋 Su (vinegar), 酒 Sake (rice wine), 味醂 Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) and 出汁 Dashi (soup stock).

Originally, these condiments except Dashi, are made by a process of Natural Fermentation discovered by our ancestors. Fermentation takes time and meticulous human care. Now, many mass-produced fermented foods and drinks are produced using various modern technologies to reduce the period of fermentation and labor work. Yet, nothing beats the original Natural Fermentation method to produce the quality and nutrition!


天然发酵 Natural Fermentation

Moribun Brewery was founded by Mr Buntarou Mori, in the old and serence town in West Ehime, Japan, in 1893. From generation to generation, Moribun maintains the motto – “Once good, they are always good.”

Today, Moribun still keeps to the brewing heritage, starting from yeast culturing by hands to time-consuming fermentation in wooden ponds and barrels. The close collaborations with universities and pharmaceutical sectors have given Moribun the edge to be in the forefront of R&D. Moribun Brewery is one of the most acclaimed Brewery Houses of Japanese basic condiments, health foods and drinks!

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