"NOCILIS is the new wave of advance learning. It is an Edu-Toy made of medical-grade material, to allow you to discover the learning and play time that is unique to every child. NOCILIS comes in various child-friendly shapes and colors (both pastel and vivid colors) and presents your child with the opportunity to grow his/her capability in a progressive manner. NOCILIS provides a multi-facet, open approach to promote learning and the development of senses, creativity, linguistic, expression and movement.

• Made in Japan Educational Toys for toddlers and children.

• Winners of several awards since 1977. To name a few: GOOD DESIGN, KIDS DESIGN 2010, KIDS DESIGN INCENTIVE AWARD 2015 and PRODUCT DESIGN Awards.

• “Nocilis-Curio Series, Playing blocks that alter the shapes when being turned reversible…. This playing block has received authentic German iF-designing award, and highly recommendable for kids and seniors to have some fun and to help add colors to their lives.” – BEST 100 TOYS FOR SELF-EXPRESSION, 2013

• “This educational toy made from silicon allows a triangle to be triangle to be changed into a clover leaf or a rabbit to be changed into a dog. It utilizes the flexibility and resilence of siilcon to allow the shape to be changed when you press on it or turn it inside out. It promotes development of the hands, fingers, and body, and can be utilized for the education of infants and young children as well as rehabilitation of elderly people”. – APEC JAPAN 2010, JAPAN EXPERIENCE OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK.

• Develop a child’s multi-facet learning capability and at progressive growing stage.

• Comes in various transformable shapes and colors important for a child’s growth.

• Present a child with the opportunity to grow, develop fingers and hand movement, stimulate their senses, creativity and imagination.

• Playing multiple pieces also encourages children to learn to how to focus, concentrate and think mathematically and geometrically.

• SAFE. Made medical grade silicone rubber, which is the same material used in medical equipment and nursing bottles nipples.

• HYGIENIC. Washable and can be disinfected using boiling water. You can maintain cleanliness and hygiene conveniently. There is an ease of mind as you do not need to expose users to chemical-laden disinfectant.

• QUALITY. 100% Made in Japan, including the material.

• AVOID INJURY HAZARD. Soft to the touch like a mother’s skin. It is not a hard object and you will not fear that it will hurt the child if he/she steps on it, or hit accidentally while playing."

Product Specification

Product Volume: Available in Retail Pack and Bulk Use Set
Additional Information: "Made of medical-grade silicone rubber, washable and can be put into boiling water for disinfection. Produced 100% in Japan, this particular material is also used in medical equipment and nursing utensil. You can be assured of its safety and quality. Precautions & Prevention: Never leave your child unattended while using or playing the products. Adult supervision required."

Weight 0.052 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2.2 cm

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