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New Thinking creates New Possibilities.

Winner Of Good Design, Kids Design, Product Design & Good Toy Awards!

Japan-Origin, Made In Japan.

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NOCILIS is the new wave of advance learning.  It is an Edu-Toy made of medical-grade material, to allow you to discover the learning and play time that is unique to every child.  NOCILIS comes in various child-friendly shapes and colors (both pastel and bold colors) and presents your child with the opportunity to grow his/her capability in a progressive manner.  NOCILIS provides a multi-facet, open approach to promote learning and the development of senses, creativity, linguistic, expression and movement.

For Who?

  • For the Child
  • For the Educator
  • For Parents
  • For Seniors and Elderly
  • For Therapists and Caregivers
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Made of medical-grade silicon rubber, the same material often used in medical equipment and nursing bottle nipples.


Washable and can be disinfected using boiling water.  You can maintain cleanliness and hygiene conveniently. There is an ease of mind as you do not need to expose your child to chemical-laden disinfectant.


100% Made in Japan, including the material.


NOCILIS is soft to the touch like a mother’s skin. It is not a hard object and you will not fear that it will hurt the child if he/she steps on it, or hit accidentally while playing.


There are multiple ways of learning and playing using NOCILIS.  Each child is unique in his/her expression, in developing creativity, imagination, art and story telling.  NOCILIS aids to stimulate their senses and allow them to learn in an open-ended manner.

NOCILIS also seek to encourage the child to learn how to focus, concentrate, and think mathematically and geometrically; bring out not just the Art part of the child, but the Mathematics and Science elements.


NOCILIS enables the child to grow his/her capability in progressive stages.  We have suitable shapes, colors, and size, each created with different age groups and developments in mind.

From NOCILIS Zero, to First+, Curio 4 pc, Curio 8 pc to a complete set of 72 pieces.  With NOCILIS, there is limitless learning!

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Nocilis Award History

1977    Received ID Award ( Highest distinction ) from Mainichi Newspaper.

1988    Permanently displayed in New York Modern Museum.

1993    Received DF Golden Award.

1994    Received bio 14 Gold Medal.

2009    Received Good Design Award from the Ministry of SME.

2010    Received 4th. Kids’ Design Award from the minister of METI.

2010    Received 4th. Kids’ Design Special Award from the chairman of the judges’ board.

2010    Received the Annual Barrier-free Universal Design Promotion Contributors’ Excellent Award from the Cabinet Office Special Mission Minister

2015    Received Good Design Award.

2015    Received 9th. Kids’ Design Incentive Award

2016    Received Annual Osaka Invention Challenge Award

2017    Received Annual Invention Award ( Minister’s award of IP ministry )

Raving reviews


“Nocilis-Curio Series, Playing blocks that alter the shapes when being turned reversible…. This playing block has received authentic German iF-designing award, and highly recommendable for kids and seniors to have some fun and to help add colors to their lives.”


“This educational toy made from silicon allows a triangle to be triangle to be changed into a clover leaf or a rabbit to be changed into a dog. It utilizes the flexibility and resilence of siilcon to allow the shape to be changed when you press on it or turn it inside out. It promotes development of the hands, fingers, and body, and can be utilized for the education of infants and young children as well as rehabilitation of elderly people”.

How NOCILIS began…?

The Idea from where Nocilis was born.

In Osaka Japan – A conversation between a Mother and an Educator:

“I put my first child, a one-year to the childcare center. One day I was late in fetching her. When I arrived, I saw the nursery school teacher tidying up the toys in the centre.  I was very impressed with how meticulous she was in disinfecting the toys, one by one, piece by piece.  She cleaned not just the outside part, but also the inside of each piece.  I asked her why she had to make such a tedious effort.  She answered, “If the toys are not disinfected well, they will become the source of outbreak of infectious diseases amongst the children…”  She added that she also checked if each toy is damaged, of if there is any cracking and chipping.

I became more curious and asked how she would do in her own home if she has a child. This was her reply…

Once a child starts to drool, hygiene becomes even more important. Right after the child plays the toys, disinfection must be done.  Yet often, every mum is overloaded by too many menial chores and tend to neglect or overlook this. 


Yet, it is normal that every mum is overloaded by too many menial chores! So if those toys are compatible to boiled water disinfection and easy to clean by hands, it helps a lot!”

Thus NOCLIIS was born.    

NOCILIS has since evolved from a simple hygiene idea of a Japanese mother to help busy Mummies at home and responsible Educators in schools, to a revolutionary advanced tool for education and playtime.

Today NOCILIS is not only for a child! Seniors and elderly enjoy the use and are motivated to participate in activities.  Japan is known to have an aging population.  NOCILIS has become a tool for Senior Care Recreation, with the aim for a fun and joyful session.  Being light, NOCILIS makes it easier for seniors and elderly to pick up, stack, change the shape, at the same time, a way to exercise their finger and hand movements. You would be surprised on how creative one can be with NOCILIS. 


New Thinking creates New Possibilities.

Discover with NOCILIS.

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