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  1. Send your unique link to your friend to sign up for an account. 
  2. They will receive 500 points after they sign up which they can use to offset $5 for their first purchase.
  3. Send them the curated Dashi for a friend URL. 

You will receive your 200 points (worth $2) after their purchase. You can check your point status at

Not sure what to send to your friends?

You can use edit and send our suggested text below to your friends.

Hey, I have tried this Hokkaido Dashi which is surprisingly good. If you don’t know anything about dashi, it is Japanese soup stock that is the backbone of many Japanese dishes. Hinode Shotengai are giving my friends $5 worth of points to offset your first purchase.  You can sign up here to claim your $5 points using this link below. Signing up is free. Let me know after you have sign up so I can show you a private dashi page which they have created for my friends.

This is the private page where you can get some exclusive deals. Oishii!

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