Hinode Sutamago – Prebiotic Vitamin C Calcium Drink, With Yuzu Acerola Egg Royal Jelly Vinegar 360ml

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A Fresh take to get your Calcium and Vitamins, bulk up your Bone Health and give your Immunity a boost!

About Sutamago:
A Japanese health supplement drink that promotes a healthy gut, bone health and immune system. This product is developed under the technical partnership with Japan pharmaceutical giant, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co. Ltd.

• Prebiotic – contains galacto-oligosaccharides to enhance gut health, aid digestion and improve immunity
• Bone Health – calcium keep bones strong and healthy. Eggshells is one of the richest sources of calcium. Sutamago contains this natural calcium essential to promote strong bone. We only use eggs from free range chicken farm located in Ehime Japan
• High Vitamin C – contains Japanese yuzu and acelora. A 150ml glass of diluted Sutamago contains Vitamin C equivalent to approx. 8 lemons
• Contains yuzu, acerola, egg, honey, royal jelly, rice vinegar and papaya vinegar
• Natural refreshing taste. Simply dilute with water (see serving suggestion)
• Made in Japan

Media coverage (Taikoban, TBS TV Japan 2019) – Amongst a panel of 300 Medical Doctors, vinegar was chosen as the Best 5 Healthiest Ingredient in Japanese food diets. Sutamago is introduced as the best way of taking vinegar effectively and regularly in the busy and stress-filled modern lifestyle.

Serving Suggestion:
Dilute 25 - 50ml by 3 times by water ( Sutamago 1 : water 2 ) and drink. Recommended after a breakfast every day or 2-3 times a week.

Product Specification

Product Volume: Retail Pack: 360ml Glass Bottle
Brand/Farm/Factory: MORIBUN
Ingredients: Galacto-oligosacharide liquid sugar, honey, yuzu juice, rice vinegar, fructose, acerola juice, egg, fruit vinegar, papaya, royal jelly/ vitamin c, polysaccharide thickener, carotene pigments
Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, cap tight, keep refrigerated and consume soon. Natural ingredients may settle during storage, but there is no change of quality. Shake it well and serve.
Best Before: As per Package (Year/Month/Date)
Additional Information:Orangy lump found in the bottle is due to it’s natural limonoid from the citrus. It is good for consumption.

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This is how one of our Sutamago Lover takes her Sutamago

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Sutamago Users

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