Keep Fresh! Reusable Fruit & Veg Bag (L) (made from Japan Oya stone)

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This is a magic bag! Every vegetable & fruit will emit natural ethylene gas, known as aging advancing hormone, in its process of aging. It is of no difference with vegetables and fruits kept alive in your fridge. In other words, if this ethylene gas is removed or reduced, the aging of them can be delayed.

There is one natural stone found in Tochigi Japan called Oyashi (大谷石). It is the pumice tuff, the result of the volcanic activities. This stone with high porosity has been traditionally used for constructions and art works, thanks to its lightness, high processability, permeability and fire/heat resistance in Japan. One of the iconic building using this stone was the famous Teikoku Hotel’s first main building in Tokyo. But this stone has another interesting attribute, it absorbs many materials that go through its porous including foul smell and gases such as ethylene gas.

One of Japan’s medical equipment manufacturing giant NIPRO developed PE filim impregnanted by the powder of this stone long time ago. Once it is made to this simple wrapping bag for vegetables & fruits, the effect is amazing. Just try and you will know. Suitable to use with natural, non-gmo, organic vegetables to see the best effect!

3 sizes available:
There are 3 sizes: M for most vegetables & fruits. L for bigger, larger amount of vegetables or fruits such as watermelon, cabbage, etc. LONG for longer vegetables such as leek, pandan leaf, lemongrass etc. Simpy put the vegetables of fruits inside, tie up the opening and keep it in fridge. ECO-friendly, you can reuse by washing them with water and dry thoroughly. Make sure to wash and dry well before reusing it for other stuff since some bacteria from the previous stuff might stay there. Once broken, dispose it. Keep them away from fire.

Product Volume: 5 pcs

Made in Japan

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